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Welcome to the official website of The Courooons. The Courooons a “Tennis-Trick-Project” founded in August 2010 by Fabian Narkus and Vincent Brandes. With the aim to bring the Tennis sport into another light, The Courooons were from the beginning supported by lots of companies. Since then The Courooons became bigger and bigger and were awarded by the press as the world’s best.

In four years, The Courooons produced lots of videos and reached millions of people and Fans. Because of that The Courooons were invited in nearly every huge german TV-Show. The biggest one was “TVtotal by Stefan Raab” in November 2013.

Their biggest achievement came a year before in November 2012. The Courooons won an award by the biggest Sports foundation in the world. In the category “Social Media” The Courooons won the Laureus Award in Kitzbuehel, Austria.

In the past years The Courooons worked with a lot big companies in collaboration. But The Courooons did not only video partnerships. Besides that The Courooons realized three huge events. The biggest one was in winter 2012. After producing a 75 minutes movie about their year 2012 The Courooons came up with a huge cinema premiere in Hamburg, Germany. Around 1000 Guests (lots of VIPs) walked over the red carpet and made this event special. This event was the biggest cinema premiere in Hamburg, Germany ever.

Since then The Courooons are proud ambassadors of the sports city of Hamburg. Since the re-launch in September 2014, The Courooons are mostly known for their two online shows on Youtube. “Tennis Trick Shots” (comes out ones a month) and “Trickshots of the Week” (weekly show). But also TV-Spots and collaborations with the biggest brands in the world made them important for brands as a special brand ambassador. Last but not least The Courooons started to bring a new kind of sport in their videos. From october 2014 The Courooons also started to produce Golf-Trickshot-Videos.


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What the press and celebs say

  • Germanys best Tennis-Trick-Players!

    - FOCUS Online (GER) -
  • Better than Federer & Co – Worlds best Tennis-Trick-Players The Courooons

    - Tennisnet.com (GER/AUT) -
  • Awesome! I haven´t seen this before!

    - Felix Sturm -
  • Just playing Tennis is too boring for The Courooons!

    - NDR (GER) -
  • Not even one bin is safe if The Courooons are in town!

    - RTL Television (GER) -
  • The entertainment value is great and funny!

    - Noel Lee - Headmonster -
  • The Courooons bring the tennis sport to the top!

    - RTL Nachtjournal (GER) -

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